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Pop-up Lockers

Anime Central is partnering with Pop-up Lockers to bring in their rental storage lockers to the convention.  These lockers will be setup in the Donald E Stephens convention center where you will be able to access them at any time throughout the convention.  We hope that this will be a great option for our attendees who need somewhere at the convention to store their belongs.

Renting a locker will come at an additional fee and space is limited.  Pop-up Lockers is accepting reservations now from Anime Central.  Follow the link below to reserve your locker.

Storage Locker Pricing

Single Day


Two Days


Full Weekend


Storage Locker FAQs

A full listing of frequently asked questions can be found on the Pop-up Lockers website.

How big are the storage lockers?

Lockers are 3ft tall and 15 inches wide and deep.

What happens if I lose my storage locker key?

We have a lost key fee of $5 to replace the key/lock, to prevent losing your key, we suggest clipping it to your lanyard with your badge.

What happens if I don't pick up my property?

All leftover property will be turned into Convention staff and their Lost and found.