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We’ve got a really cool announcement for you guys today. We are announcing the launch of a podcast! Titled the ACential Podcast, this will be a podcast all about Anime Central! For our first episode, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your first experience at Anime Central. Email and your email may get read on the show. We hope you’ll join us for the first episode of the ACential Podcast!

Latest Episode

ACential Podcast Cover

Episode 5

It’s time for another episode of the ACential Podcast. In this episode, we talk about how time is running out to get badge mailing for your registration this year. We also give updates on our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines and our guest announcements so far. Lastly, we give you a First Timers Guide to ACen and some tips on how to enjoy your first Anime Central convention.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 4

Another episode of the ACential Podcast is coming at you. In this episode, we discuss all the announcements we’ve made in January and there was a lot. There will be even more coming as we get close to the convention.

Episode 3

It’s our last episode of 2021! In this episode, we talk to Phil our Senior Manager of Convention Experiences about the work that goes into having all the amazing things we have inside the convention center.

We also give updates on attendee registration as well as the opening of Live Event Registration. Thank you all for listening to the podcast this year and we hope you all are looking forward to 2022!

Episode 2

We give a brief update on hotels for ACen 2022. Also, a reminder about Tier 2 registration ending soon. The big announcement of the episode has to do with Live Event signups. Lastly, we talk to Troy and Kris of our Volunteer Staffing

Episode 1

Room Blocks for the first 6 hotels will open on September 3rd at Noon Central Time. In this episode, we break down each hotel that is opening on September 3rd, and give you some tips and tricks for booking a hotel for ACen. We also have a guest! Joining us as the first guest of the ACential Podcast is Don Hess, our head of Venue Site Relations. Don discusses his time with Anime Central and what exactly goes into making sure ACen has a convention center to be held in and hotels for our attendees to stay in We close the episode with some viewer comments about their favorite hotels.

Episode 0

Welcome one and all to this, the first episode of the ACential Podcast! Join your host, Sean as he tells you all about Anime Central, the Podcast, and little about himself. We also talk about Registration for next year’s convention. We close out the show by reading some emails from ACen fans about their first Anime Central experiences!