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Live Events Participants Policy

At-Con Membership Pick-Up Hours

You can pick up your membership badges at either the self-service check-in or the will call station inside of Registration.

Cosplay Photoshoots and Meet & Greets

Those interested in holding a Cosplay photoshoot, wedding, gathering, meet & greet, or similar event should submit an application through our cosplay gatherings page.

Video Games, Board Games, and Card Games

If you wish to host a card game or board game, please contact our Tabletop Gaming department at

If you wish to host a video game tournament, please contact our Video Gaming department at


Each event participant group (panelist and performer groups) must select one person to be their point of contact, or Group Lead (GL). The GL has the responsibility of coordinating with Live Events Staff about the details of their group’s event(s). The GL is the only member of the group that can make changes, such as: adding/removing members of the group, description/content changes, schedule change requests, etc. Any requests, questions or concerns should be directed to The GL is responsible for ensuring that all members of their group are up to date on everything as well as making sure all members of the group understand and follow all ACen Policies.

Only the GL will be contacted regarding an event’s status. It is the responsibility of the GL to communicate any information to the rest of the group.

Speed Dating

Speed dating panels will not be considered.

Live Events Applications

Live Events Deadlines

Do not submit payment for your membership before your application is approved! If a discounted or complimentary membership is desired; you will not receive a refund if you have already paid. Payment is due only after an application is approved or denied.

How to Apply for a Live Event

What to Include in your Application

Example Panel Outline

General Pointers

Event Criteria

18+ Events

Panelist Memberships

Performer Memberships

Live Event Scheduling

Live Event Management

Live Event Participants Conduct

Disciplinary Actions