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Anime Central Online

We are currently working on putting on a series of digital events throughout ACen weekend so we can all still come together and celebrate our community! The events of Anime Central Online will be enjoyed over Twitch and Discord. Stay tuned for more announcements on how you can participate and what events we will have available!

  Friday, May 21 through Sunday, May 23, 2021
  Twitch, Discord and YouTube

Schedule of Events

Friday, May 21st

Panel NameStart TimeHow to WatchHosted By
Food in Anime3:00pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Japanese Cooking (Part 1)3:15pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Tea Ceremony3:40pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Iaido: Japanese Swordsmanship Introduction3:50pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
CartographR: The Guardians of QinDi4:00pDiscordJoanna Liu, Monica Gonzales
What is LARP and fighting styles4:00pDiscordConvention Foam Fighting
Izayaka Mita (Daigaku Imo)4:05pTwitchIzayaka Mita
Japanese Cooking (Part 2)4:15pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Shodo4:35pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Japanese Folklore and Mythology4:30pDiscordLaura VanArendonk Baugh
Anime Central Intro / Quarrel of the money and Crab5:00pDiscordKristen Kurek
Cosplay Cake Workshop: Easy cute props for photos!5:00pDiscordShina X
Jack box Party Pack5:00pDiscordCarole Brown
Diversity in Cosplay5:10pTwitch
Anime Trivia Night6:00pTwitchAnime Central
Eater of Dreams6:00pDiscordK. Bird Lincoln
Filk circle6:00pDiscordOrdo Mancer
Let’s Get Lit: Into to Electronics and Lighting in Cosplay6:00pDiscordHTC Harrison Designs
Call of Cthulhu: Tears of the Star Mother7:00pDiscordTeko Muto
The Phantom Thief7:00pDiscordAlena VanArendonk
Van Paugam CIty Pop7:00pTwitchVan Paugam
Shinto Shrines in WW28:05pTwitchErica Bergland
Fairy Tale Readings8:30pTwitchAlena VanArendonk
History of Ramen9:15pTwitchLaura VanArendonk Baugh
Soap Bubble10:00pTwitch

Saturday, May 22nd

Panel NameStart TimeHow to WatchHosted By
Taiko12:00pTwitchTsukasa Taiko National Gintenkai Unit
ACen Island on Animal Crossing Horizons12:50pTwitchAnime Central
Anime Jeopardy1:00pDiscordJaxx Sentinel
CartographR: The Guardians of QinDi1:00pDiscordJoanna Liu, Monica Gonzales
Cosplay Open Sewing Circle1:00pDiscordSuzanne Bracken
Makeup 1011:00pDiscordMichael “Knightmage” Wilson
Origami1:05pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Pokemon Sword and Shied Raids1:30pDiscordNickolas Pollitt
Aikido: The Way of Harmony1:50pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Among Us2:00pDiscordKayla “Chibi” St. Arbor
One Ingredient Curry Rice2:00pDiscordK. Bird Lincoln
Saiyuki Legend2:00pDiscordLaura VanArendonk Baugh
Make Okonomiyaki with Gaijin Chicago2:10pTwitchGaijin Chicago
Onigiri in Anime with Onigiri Shuttle Kororin2:30pTwitchOnigiri Shuttle Kororin
Great Graphic Novels3:00pTwitchCarolina Manga Library
Yakuza: Facts and Fallout3:00pDiscordAmy Winters-Voss
RightStuf Anime Panel4:00pTwitchRightStuf
Easy Bento Curry4:00pDiscordRachel Sjostrom
The Happy Hunter and Skillful Fisher4:00pDiscordKristen Kurek
Tabletop Gaming in Japan4:55pTwitchJapanese Games
Ninja in History5:00pDiscordSusan Spann
Lets Make Curry with Bokuchan’s Japanese Curry House5:45pTwitchBokuchan’s Japanese Curry House
Best Foam Armor Advice for Beginners6:00pDiscordJen Greeley
How (Not) to Suck at Storytelling6:05pTwitchRick Heinz
Journey to the West summary6:30pDiscordOverly Sarcastic Productions
Tokyo House Party7:00pDiscordJapanese Arts Foundation
ACen Digital Worlds: Animal Crossing and Minecraft7:10pTwitchAnime Central
Masquerade/Mask-querade7:30pTwitchAnime Central
Cosplay Quarantine 67:45pTwitchJustin Pineda Media
Anime Trivia Night8:00pTwitchAnime Central
Synergy Extend9:00pTwitchAttack the Music, OTAQUEST

Sunday, May 23rd

Panel NameStart TimeHow to WatchHosted By
Zen Meditation12:00pTwitchJapanese Culture Center
Murasaki Sake Lounge (Sake)12:10pTwitchMurasaki Sake Lounge
The Tale of the Tongue: Cut Sparrow12:30pDiscordKristen Kurek
What the HECK Did I Just Read?!12:30pTwitchCarolina Manga Library
CartographR: The Guardians of QinDi1:00pDiscordJoanna Liu, Monica Gonzales
Senjafuda 1&21:30pDiscordLaura VAB
Game Design Panel1:35pTwitchJapanime Games
Fairy and Folk Tales of Japan2:00pDiscordCarole Brown
Jack box Party Pack2:00pDiscordEddie Bonneau
Shinsengumi2:00pDiscordErica Bergland
Anime Drawing with Daggerstar2:25pTwitchDaggerstar
Geek Out as a Community Panel2:45pTwitch

Get Involved

Anime Central Online Anime Trivia Nights

We’re planning to host two trivia nights during ACen Online 2021! Join the sign up list here to be sent a direct link to play during the stream. Space is limited so make sure to sign up early. All you need is a valid email and a mobile device or computer. Will you be the next Anime Central Trivia Champion? Show us your Anime knowledge as you compete against fellow trivia fans from all over!

Social Events

ACen Animal Crossing

Anime Crossing Horizons Island Recipe Swap

Hey there Animal Crossing fans. Start saving up your extra recipes for ACen Online 2021 weekend so you can hop on over to our special ACen island! We’re hosting a recipe swap, cosplay sets and island party throughout the weekend!

Visit Our Island!

Join us on the beautiful shores of ACen island! Come explore this Anime Central Animal Crossing experience throughout the weekend. There’s 2 ways to visit ACen island!

Open Gate Times

Visit in real time and swap recipes with other visitors during limited open gate times. We will be using the queue system built in to Turnip Exchange. During certain time blocks, we will be posting in a dedicated Discord channel and on our social media with a Turnip Exchange link.

We have closed the gates through Turnip Exchange, but you can still enjoy our island through our Dream Code! ACen Island’s Dream Code is DA-7394-0562-0264

For ease of visiting, we are limiting to 5 attendees at a time and ask that you please do not stay longer than 15 minutes so everyone can enjoy. 

Dream Address

Want to explore ACen island on your time? Come visit us via Dream Address! You can visit ACen Island via our dream address whenever you want! The Dream Address for ACen island is: DA-7394-0562-0264

Never used a Dream Address before? Check out this helpful article to walk through the process.

Please note that you must have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription in order to visit via Open Gate or Dream Address.

Animal Crossing Digital Merchandise
ACen Online Animal Crossing Shirt
ACen 2021 Shirt: MO-LS4Q-LPBK-06VD
ACen Online Animal Crossing Apron
ACen Apron: MO-RMFF-1LP4-YP9G

Anime Central Minecraft Server

We’ve got blocks for days! Explore the 3D Minecraft version of Anime Central with our online community. The Minecraft server events will include: Mazes, Spleef, Races, Treasure Hunting/Trivia questions, Pixel Art, Lots of hidden easter eggs.

  • Minecraft Edition: Java. Console versions of Minecraft are not supported.
  • Server IP Address: . Join the server by choosing multiplayer, add our server IP address, and then selecting join server.
  • Survival Difficulty: Easy
  • View the server in browser with our live map!

Anime Central Restaurant Rally

Team ACen foodies, it’s time to come out to support and celebrate our local Japanese cuisine during our Anime Central Restaurant Rally!  Throughout ACen Online 2021 weekend you can catch cool demos of your favorite or soon-to-be favorite Japanese cuisine local to the Chicago area.

Artists, Exhibitors and Vendors

Many of our Retailers and Artists make their living by exhibiting at shows like ours across the country. Attendees have asked us how they can support them through these times. We encourage the community, if they can, to support these groups by purchasing their merchandise. Let’s all do what we can to support them digitally since we can not join together in person this year!

Programming Descriptions

Masquerade & Mask-erade Pre-Registration

Our community is coming together for our cosplay masquerade & face mask mask-erade as part of our digital programming for Anime Central Online. All participants must pre-register in order to be considered.

Submission Deadline: May 10, 2021.

Anime Drawing with Daggerstar

Join Daggerstar for talk on the history of Anime drawin, Anime head styles, and a drawing tutorial!

Hosted by Daggerstar

CartographR: The Guardians of QinDi

The game system I am working on is called Here Comes Yaoguai (Yokai) ! It is a lighthearted cooperative RPG system where every player is playing a monster that can transform into human form at will and interact with humans to gain spirit points and become immortal.

What kind of adventure can prospective players expect when they sign up?
Join us on a beginner-friendly adventure to Ancient China using a light-hearted RPG system (D20 and D6 systems). Every player will become a monster that can transform into human form at will and interact with humans to gain spirit points and become immortal.

Can you provide a brief synopsis for each in the drive?
The system is improv and roleplay heavy. There isn’t a set storyline. The players will decide the path. You are all monsters that live in the forest. Your ultimate goal is to become an immortal god. The path to immortality requires you to first understand what it means to be human. What path will you choose to become immortal?

Cosplay Cake Workshop – Easy cute props for photos!

Need something sweet for your cosplay photos? Come hang out with Shino and learn how to make cute and easy cake props for your cosplays! This workshop style event will go over the basics of making some super easy and fun fake cakes! If you want to follow along and make your own with us, be sure to bring the materials below!

  • Materials List: Grout Sponges, Lightweight Spackle, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, Piping bags + tips, Scissors / Craft Knife, Knife / Spoon (something for spreading fake frosting).
  • Extras: Fake Fruit / Decorations.

Hosted by ShinoXart
Twitch, Instagram, Twitter

Diversity in Cosplay

How to diversify the cosplay community and discuss the different issues people of color currently face while geeking out.

Hosted by Monica Paprocki, Papa Bear, Kim, Jenny of Prado’s Projects, Shar Starr

Easy Bento Curry

This recipe is the epitome of a school bento that a busy mother or busy college student can make.  I’ll teach this beginner bento along with giving tips on bentos and vegetable carving.

Participants will need:

  • 7.8 oz Package of S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix
  • 1 Large Onion, diced
  • 3 Medium sized Potatoes, peeled and cut into ¾ inch squares or a medium dice
  • 3 Carrots, peeled
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 6 Servings Cooked Short Grain Rice and cooled.
  • Nori / Roasted Seaweed Sheet
  • 6 fully cooked, frozen breaded chicken breast patties 

Tools: a chef knife, rice cooker, a smaller knife, a pot for curry sauce and vegetables, a small bowl of water, a stiff straw or best a metal straw (for cutting nori.)

Geek out as a Community Panel

Come join our panel as we discuss the following topics:

  • How fandoms breakdown barriers and promotes diversity and inclusion.
  • Cosplaying for charity and for small community events.
  • The impact community events can have on younger people who may not have been exposed to geeky things.
  • How the pandemic has affected the way we geek out as a community.

Hosted by Monica Paprocki, Maria Gonzalez, Jenny of Prado’s Projects, Shar Starr, Molly Southgate

Great Graphic Novels

Live panel detailing recommendations of graphic novels and manga.

Hosted by the Carolina Manga Library.

How (Not) to Suck at Storytelling

Join Rick Heinz from Geek & Sundry and other Storytellers for a panel on Game Mastering tips and tricks. Find your style, learn player agency, and learn why you should never run a dream sequence. A one-stop shop for do’s and don’t’s from those who have made every error.

Hosted by Rick Heinz
Website, Twitter

Japanese Culture Center Events

The Japanese Culture Center offers classes in over a dozen martial and cultural arts. The Center is not a museum where lifeless objects are displayed; it is a school where living skills are passed on person to person from generation to generation. You become an active participant in arts that have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We invite you to visit and experience the richness and complexity of knowledge cultivated around the world.

Hosted by the Japanese Culture Center
Facebook, Instagram

Hosted Events Include

  • Aikido
  • Iaido Tea Ceremony / Anime Drawing
  • Taiko
  • Zen Meditation
  • Shodo
  • Origami
  • Food in Anime
  • Japanese Cooking

Lets Make Curry with Bokuchan’s Japanese Curry House

Join the owners of Bokuchan’s Japanese Curry House and learn to make Katsu Curry!

Hosted by Bokuchan’s Japanese Curry House

Make Okonomiyaki with Gaijin Chicago

Join the team at Gajin Chicago to learn about making okonomiyaki!

Hosted by Gaijin Chicago

Onigiri in Anime with Onigiri Shuttle Kororin

Take a dive into onigiri in anime with Yuta Katsuyama, Co-founder of Onigir Shuttle KOKORIN.

Hosted by Onigiri Shuttle Koroin


The internet is full of people who have opinions about what’s wrong with a cosplayer. People can be quick to point out that a cosplayer’s size, gender, age, race are all “wrong” for their character. In this panel we will talk to cosplayers who’ve heard it all, and let those comments flow like water off a duck’s back. They’ll share their experiences cosplaying against type, how they make it work, and how they use it to their advantage.

Host by Monica Paprocki

Soap Bubble

The Soap Bubble is the oldest, longest running, and most highly anticipated anime convention party in the US. This is one party worth seeing in person and you truly haven’t experienced the entire convention until you’ve been to the best anime convention party in the country!

Performers include: Allen Castillo, Bad Corey, DJ Nikki X, DJ ZOA, DJ Greenflow, DJ Khek Phon

SYNERGY Extend, Saturday 9:00pm CDT

Come check out Synergy Extend where you’ll hear tracks from some of the best DJs that Japan has to offer. Whatever your musical tastes, you’re going to find something to enjoy as some of Japan’s rising stars put on a show you’d have to go halfway around the world to attend otherwise!

Organized by Attack The Music and OTAQUEST
Performers include: T2KAZUYA, Guy Akimoto, JAKAZiD, bansheebeat, W.T. SNACKS, SenPi, DJ HYPE GIRL, ODYSSEY, RAIF, Voia, S2i8, The Hair Kid

Table Top Gaming in Japan

Join us during ACen Online as our friends from Japanime Games play Tanto Cuore Digital all weekend long! You can get in on the fun by getting the game on Steam!

Hosted by Japanime Games


Join us for Taiko history and performances by Tsukasa Taiko National Gintenkai Unit!

Hosted by Tsukasa Taiko National Gintenkai Unit

Tokyo House Party

Tokyo House Party is a monthly livestreamed night of Japanese art and culture. The party is open to conversation hosted by the Japan Arts Foundation and will chat in real time with your questions and thoughts as you share them.

Hosted by the Japan Arts Foundation
Tokyo House Party Website, Facebook, Instagram

What the HECK Did I Just Read?!

Live panel detailing recommendations of graphic novels and manga that are outside the box and just plain weird.

Hosted by the Carolina Manga Library

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