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September 1 – October 1 (Tier 1) October 2 – January 1 (Tier 2) January 2 – April 1 (Tier 3) April 2 –
May 5 (Tier 4) Mailing no longer available
Full Weekend Membership
Toddler (Age 0-5) Free* Free* Free* Free* Free* *max of 2 per paying adult
Child (Ages 6-12) $10 $10 $10 $15 $15
Adult (Ages 13+) $48 $53 $58 $70 $70
Service Discount**
(more info below)
not available not available not available not available $35
Single Day Passes
Adult Friday-only^ not available not available not available not available $45 ^ Single day passes not available for children or toddlers
Adult Saturday-only^ not available not available not available not available $45
Adult Sunday-only^ not available not available not available not available $30

**The Service Discount is only available to be purchased at the convention (no Pre-Registration or shipping) and only applies to memberships. This discount only applies to the serving member and not to any other Membership badges or pass being purchased. The attendee must present an ID showing an actively serving or veteran status with the military or emergency services (law enforcement, fire, EMT).


Thanks to the hard work of our staff, we are happy to announce that we mailed out all eligible membership badges on Wednesday, April 12! Answers to frequently asked questions about badge mailing can be here. All other membership purchases will be available for pickup with a photo ID during the convention at a Will Call station in the Registration Hall.

Membership & Pass Details

When you purchase a Membership Badge (full weekend) or a Membership Pass (single day), you are purchasing a non-refundable, non-transferable yearly membership for Midwest Animation Promotions Society (MAPS) that allows you to attend Anime Central. Membership is required for all ages. A photo ID is REQUIRED for At-Convention badge/pass purchases for attendees age 16 and older.

Friday and Saturday Passes can be purchased the day of their use or after 4pm the day before their use. Sunday Passes can only be purchased on Sunday. Passes are valid on the day of stated use until the following day at 8am (e.g. A Friday Pass can be purchased after 4pm on Thursday and stays valid until 8am on Saturday). Passes are not eligible for Pre-Registration or shipping.


A group discount applies to online purchase of Full Weekend Adult Memberships only. There is no group discount offered At-Convention and it does not apply on top of any other discounts. Complimentary memberships cannot be part of a group. Groups are not eligible to pay At-Convention:

  • Groups of 10-19 will receive a $2 discount per member.
  • Groups of 20+ will receive a $5 discount per member.

If you are purchasing memberships as a group, please make sure that ALL of your group members are added before checking out. Members added after the group has checked out will need to be purchased individually and will not qualify for the discount.

Payment Details

Pre-Convention payment types

  • Credit – Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.
  • Debit – With a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card logo on the card.
  • Check – Personal or Business.
  • Money Order.
  • Cash – Only accepted at a Roadshow event and only US currency will be accepted.
    • Repeat – We do not accept paper or coin money in the mail!

At-Convention payments accepted

  • Cash – US currency only. We do not accept coins.
  • Credit – Visa, MasterCard, Discover card.
  • Debit – Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card logo.
  • Business Check (we do not accept personal check At-Convention).
  • Money Order.

Onsite Registration Hours of Operation

Donald E Stephens Convention Center Hyatt Satellite
Thursday, May 18: 4pm – 10pm Thursday: Closed
Friday, May 19: 8am – 8pm Friday, May 19: 8pm – 12am
Saturday, May 20: 8am – 7pm Saturday, May 20: 7pm – 12am
Sunday, May 21: 8am – 2pm Sunday, May 21: Closed

Questions about attendee registration? Contact us at