The Advertising department handles advertising and promotions for our convention. We handle both advertising for ACen, as well as providing opportunities for advertisement and promotions at the convention.

In 2014, our convention had more than 29,000 unique people attend our event. We have advertising opportunities available on our website, in our convention book, our newsletter, our mobile application, and also have numerous sponsorship’s available.

Attendance Numbers for 2014:

  • Unique Attendance: 29,675
  • Gate Attendance: 81,325

To learn about additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities at Anime Central, please e-mail

Convention Table Trades

If you run a convention that is related to anime, manga or the Japanese culture, you can request to have a promotional table at our event. Spaces in the Convention Table row are limited.

Requests for 2015 Table Trades are currently open. To be considered please fill out the exhibitor application and once completed email and to let them know you are looking to do a table trade/advertising trade for ACen 2015.

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