Yutaka Yamada

Yutaka Yamada was born in 1989. He entered the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and studied under music composers, Toshiyuki Watanabe and Yutaka Matsuo.

There he learned music theory of deep and wide varieties. In 2011, he debuted as a film music composer in the Fuji television drama Marumo no Okite (Marumoʼs Rule).

Later on, Yutaka Yamada started work on other visual works such as commercials and movies. His original soundtrack to the TV animation Tokyo Ghoul has been played over 30 million times on YouTube. His work is becoming known around the world, and his masterpiece Glassy Sky has been sampled by Eminem in Good Guy (on the album KAMIKAZE). In 2017, he moved his base to LA and is also working on foreign films such as the Chinese film Cry Me A Sad River.

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