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Anime Central’s 2023 Synergy Lineup

By April 21, 2023April 30th, 2023No Comments
Anime Central Mascot Elle

Rosemont, IL

Anime Central is happy to announce our 2023 DJ lineup for Synergy. Synergy will be held Saturday, May 20, 2023. Come check out Synergy in the Grand Ballroom where you’ll hear tracks from some of the best DJs that Japan has to offer. Whatever your musical tastes, you’re going to find something to enjoy as some of Japan’s rising stars put on a show you’d have to go halfway around the world to attend otherwise!

All Hell Breaks Loops

About All Hell Breaks Loops

All Hell Breaks Loops is a multiclass mixed Japanese DJ/VJ from Los Angeles, California. A digital staple of the southern California club and rave scene, AHBL has the rare distinction of transforming his talents at all major American anime conventions from coast to coast. Proving that being terminally online can still have a pulse, his open format media style draws from the pastiche of pop and traditional culture, Japanese doujin fan creations, 3D renders on par with AAA game titles, social media filters, and an underlying discourse worthy of video essay analysis.


About kotu

うさこ // kotu is a Chicago born, Mexican producer whose musical career began in Tokyo. Releasing their first official track in 2018, うさこ // kotu kickstarted their career with international live shows across Tokyo, which then led to plenty of DJ appearances across the U.S. The transition from sample based Future Funk has now evolved to a fresh blend of うさこ // kotu’s musical history- including dance, hip hop, and reggaeton. The trifecta of dance genres is sure to continue making waves across the globe.


About Voia

Voia is a virtual streamer and music producer whose music is heavily influenced by video games and Japanese animated movies. He’s written music for games including OMORI and Groove Coaster in the past, as well as produced songs for J-Pop artists such as Koda Kumi, YANAKIKU, and Namakopuri. He most recently collaborated with Ryuno and Ruely for the song “MAGIC” that’s now playable in the game MUSIC DIVER.


About Android52

Starting out with video game and anime music remixes, Germany-based ANDROID52 has since then focused on original production work with his fifth studio album “NONPLUSULTRA” expected to release this summer. ANDROID52’s funk-driven electro house sounds have found new audiences following shows across Japan, Europe & the US and production work done for KONAMI’s BEMANI rhythm games, SONY Group and others.


About Tanuki

TANUKI is a multi-genre music producer and DJ based in Scotland. He first became active in the Japanese dance music scene shortly after starting to make music, with his main inspiration being J-Core. Over the years he has worked with various video game companies and record labels, most recently Riot Games Music for their League of Legends Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah compilation album, and Konami for their BEMANI division games, Dance Dance Revolution and DANCERUSH STARDOM. He has also been involved in projects with Square Enix, Capcom, lowiro, Neowiz MUCA, etc. in previous years.

Taku Takahashi

About Taku Takahashi

DJ and producer. In 1998, he formed m-flo with VERBAL and LISA. As a solo artist, he has produced and remixed tracks for domestic and international artists such as Calvin Harris, BE:FIRST, NEWS, Crystal Kay, Miliyah Kato, MINMI, EXID, and eill. He has also created soundtracks for various projects including the anime “Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt,” the TV drama and movie “Nobunaga Concerto,” and the game “Lord of Vermilion III.” In 2010, his release “Incoming… TAKU Remix” ranked #1 on the D&B chart on beatport, the world’s largest dance music streaming platform. The release also won the “beatport MUSIC AWARDS 2011 TOP TRACKS”, which has been awarded to superstars such as Underworld, Fatboy Slim, Justice, and others. Taku was the first Japanese artist to win the award, proving that he is a world-class artist in both name and achievement.His DJ activities in Japan and abroad have earned him a huge following in the club scene, and Taku has been ranked #1 in LOUD’s DJ50/50 ranking for 3 consecutive years, making him one of the top DJs in Japan. In 2011, he launched ““, Japan’s first internet radio station dedicated to dance music, which has become the starting point of a new music movement. m-flo’s latest album “KYO”, and the latest single “m-flo♡chelmico RUN AWAYS”, the second installment of the “loves” series, are now on sale and streaming worldwide.

Ram Rider

About Ram Rider

RAM RIDER began his career in the 90s. After releasing an analog record on his own label, he became the talk of the town, and has gone on to work on tracks with a number of top artists. Involved in songwriting, song production, and song arrangement, RAM RIDER has also performed DJ sets at festivals and events around the world. Recently, he established his own label called 401. Along with his personal music career, he continues to produce music for artists, idols, and voice actors. He also provides music for TV dramas, films, and stage performances. Those interested in his thoughts on music and culture will also want to read his column.

About Anime Central

Anime Central (ACen) is the largest anime, manga and Japanese popular culture convention in Chicago and the Midwest. Anime Central 2023 will take place from May 19-21 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.