Registration Policies

Attendee Registration


Convention policies, times, dates, etc. are always subject to change.

MAPS memberships and passes, as well as additional membership options, are non-transferable and non-refundable; use of a MAPS membership badge or pass by any person other than the original holder is not allowed and will result in membership badge or pass confiscation. Membership badges and passes may not be duplicated in any fashion. The holder of a membership badge or pass shall agree to surrender the badge to any MAPS officer or representative on request. When you purchase a badge or pass for ACen, you purchase a membership for MAPS for the current convention year.

There will be no recompense if you are found with a counterfeit badge. If you purchase a badge from someone other than Anime Central, you will not have a valid membership to our event. Scalping badges only hurts our event. If you find people scalping badges, please report them to Registration immediately at

All membership badge and pass names are subject to staff approval. We are a family friendly convention and names deemed inappropriate by staff will be changed.

Anime Central does not accept responsibility for any lost mail and/or payments. So please do not send cash through the mail.

MAPS reserves the right to use the membership holder’s image or likeness for any current or future promotional consideration.

If your check bounces, you will be charged a $25 fee before you may complete the payment of your MAPS membership.

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