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Membership? Can I just buy a ticket?
Anime Central is a members-only event for members of the Midwest Animation Promotion Society (MAPS). When you register, you are actually purchasing a membership for MAPS that allows you to attend Anime Central.

What is a membership badge?
A membership badge is your “ticket” into Anime Central. It is normally held on a lanyard which is supplied by the convention. Your membership badge must be visible to staff while inside of convention grounds at all times. You may remove your membership badge from view only during photographs.

What is the road show and how do I get that rate?
The road show is where we hit the road and head to other conventions and events to help spread the word about ACen. At these conventions look for the ACen table where you’ll be able to register at the best rate of $43 for an Adult membership, and $10 for a Child (ages 6-12) membership. You can also pay the $2 fee to have your membership badge mailed to you. Keep your eyes on the road show page on the website and forums to see what events we’ll appear at.

What is “Will Call Pickup?”
Will-call is the term we use for people that have already paid for their membership and just need to pick up the membership badge at the convention. To register for ACen you have to go through the online registration process, pre-register at a road show event, or through registration at the convention. The registration process cannot be completed over the phone.

When do you sell out of membership badges?
We do not have an attendance cap for our convention. We will never sell out of membership badges.

How much are non-member badges?
The price is the same as member badges. By purchasing a badge, you are purchasing a membership to the Midwest Animation Promotion Society, the parent organization that runs Anime Central. Your membership allows you entrance into the convention.

I lost my membership badge. What do I do?
You can get one replacement from the Service Desk booth for a $30 fee. Any additional replacements will be at full membership price.

Why has my membership badge name been changed?
We are a family friendly convention and all membership badge names must be rated “G”. Membership badge names are subject to staff approval; names deemed inappropriate will be changed without prior notice per the policies agreed to during purchase. However, once you arrive at the convention we will be more than happy to change the membership badge label to a family-friendly membership badge name of your choice at either the Service Desk in the Registration Hall or the Hyatt Satellite Registration during the open hours of Registration.


I’ve attended ACen in the past and used the registration system. Is my old account still there?
If you attended Anime Central in 2016 or 2017, your account will be in the system. If you last attended Anime Central in 2015 or earlier, you will need to create a new account.

I don’t remember my password. Can you give it to me?
The system can do that for you. In the Attendee Service Center there’s a link that will let you request a new password.

I made a mistake typing in my information/My information has changed since I registered. Can I change it?
If you need to change your information, log in to the attendee service center using the information located on your confirmation email. From there, you can edit your information as needed.

My account has the incorrect birthday?
Please email our registration team at with your first name, last name, the email used to register and the correct birthday and we will correct it for you.

My shipping information has changed. What should I do?
If it is before February 1 and you need to change your shipping information, log in to the attendee service center using the information located on your confirmation email. From there, you can edit your information as needed. If it is after February 1, please contact our registration team at for assistance.


How can I pay for my membership?
During pre-registration you can pay by: check, money order and credit cards. For credit and debit cards, we only accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. We do not accept American Express. DO NOT send cash (especially coins) through the mail for pre-registration. At the convention you can pay by cash (US Currency only and no coins), credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) and business checks. We do not accept personal checks at the convention.

What about debit cards?
Debit cards are also accepted, as long as they have the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logos on the card. These cards can be run as credit cards and that is how you should see them billed on your statement.

Who do I make the check or money order out to?
Make your check or money order payable to “MAPS” or the “Midwest Animation Promotion Society.”

I would like to mail a check, where do I mail it to?
Please send your check to:
Midwest Animation Promotion Society
c/o Registration
65 E. Palatine Road, Suite 301
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Please make sure to write the order number on the check and include the invoice with the check.

I never got my invoice email. Can another one be sent to me?
You can access your invoice by logging in to the attendee service center and clicking on the confirmation email.

My check bounced! What do I do?
For those whose check has bounced (NSF), they will be charged a standard $25 fee before they can complete the payment for their membership.

I mailed you my payment, but I’m not sure if you’ll get it before the tier deadline. Will I be charged more?
As long as your envelope is postmarked before the tier deadline, you will get the price for that tier. If the envelope is postmarked after the tier deadline, you will be contacted for additional funds for the new tier.

I registered a while ago, but today when I went to pay, I’m being charged the next tier price. Why am I being charged more?
The prices, and the dates that accompany those prices, are cut-off dates for payment. You need to pay for your membership before the tier deadline in order to get your membership at that tier’s price.


I forgot to select membership badge mailing. Is there a way to still have it added?
You can do so by logging in to the attendee service center via the link in your confirmation email. From there, you can click on edit and follow the registration process to add on mailing. Mailing will cost an additional $2 and must be paid for by April 1.

When will the membership badges be mailed out?
All membership badges will be mailed in early April. Keep an eye our website at, our forums at, the registration info page and our various social media for membership badge mailing updates.

How do you ship membership badges?
We ship all membership badges First-Class Mail via USPS, which according to their website is delivered “within 3 days in most cases”.

I changed my mind and want to pick-up my membership badge at the convention. Can the mailing fee be refunded?
Once you pay for the mailing fee it cannot be refunded. ACen memberships and membership options are non-refundable and non-transferable and mailing is a membership option that falls under this policy.

What if I don’t get my membership badge before the convention?
We will only re-mail a membership badge if it bounces back to us in the mail. We do this to prevent people from telling us that they never received their membership badge and then they turn around and give the second mailed badge to a friend. If it’s too close to the convention to re-mail a membership badge, there will be a booth in the registration hall where you can pick up your badge. This booth is labeled “Service Desk.”

I did not receive my membership badge; what do I do now?
We ask that you wait until the date specified in the mailing announcement prior to contacting us at Please include your full name, email address, and the shipping address used in your email. This will help us locate your membership order in the registration system. Once we have received your email, we will research where your membership badge may have gone astray.

My membership badge and/or membership badge label was damaged during shipping, is this ok?
You will need to get it fixed if it is destroyed in any fashion. You can do that at either the Service Desk in the Registration Hall or the Hyatt Satellite Registration during open hours of Registration.


What do I need to bring to the convention for Will Call Pickup?
You need:

  • Photo ID if you are 16 or older
  • Confirmation email with barcode

What do I need to bring to the convention for registration?
You need:

  • Photo ID if you are over 16
  • A payment method

At Convention payments accepted are
Cash – US Currency only. We do not accept coins
Credit – Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card
Debit – With a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card logo on the card
Check – Business only. We do not accept personal checks at the convention.
Money Order

What forms of ID are acceptable for Registration?
For Registration, a photo ID is required. This can be government-issued, school-issued, from another country, etc. NOTE: This only applies to Registration. Please refer to other departments for their ID policies.


If you do not receive an email from us after you have sent an email or purchased a membership, please check in your junk email folder as it may be there. We recommend that you add the following emails to your address book or to your SPAM “good” list or “whitelist”. Doing so will help identify us as an organization you recognize and expect to receive email from. It also allows our messages to reach you in a quick and timely manner.
registration (AT) ACen [dot] org
no-reply (AT) ACen [dot] org
Below are links to instructions on how to add Anime Central to your address book.

Yahoo Users
Gmail Users
Hotmail & Live Users
AOL Users

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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