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Come join us for an amazing weekend in the Midwest’s largest free to play arcade of the year! From arcades to PC gaming and VR gaming to consoles we’ve got everything you could want in our gaming hall! Games this year are brought to you from:

  • World 9 Gaming
  • Tokyo Attack
  • Pachinko Fever
  • WeDoCa
  • Sincerely Chris Arcade
  • Credits Remaining
  • Battle Tech
  • …and back for our 2nd year the Indie Game Party at ACen!

The Indie Game Party at ACen!

The Indie Game Party is a special showcase of independent game developers coming together to feature their games in one of the Midwest’s largest gaming halls! The Indie Game Party gives developers exposure to new audiences in a unique format which allows them to showcase their work, network with other developers, and create new fans. The goal of the Indie Game Party at ACen’s is to celebrate the independent developer and expose the ACen community to the creative design of these individuals!


The showcase floor area is open from Friday at 10:00 AM am until Sunday at 4:00 PM. We do ask that participants make sure their games are live and running each morning by 10:00 AM and that they keep the game running until 11:00 PM. The booth space does not need to remain open beyond those hours due to the length of the hours, but the game room at ACen is always busy and we recommend having a solution for shut down if you need to leave or bringing a partner to represent your game in shifts for maximum coverage. *Please note, if your game booth does close down that you are responsible for securing your equipment. We do not have any locked storage area and cannot take responsibility for any of your supplies or equipment.

Location Specs Included in Package*

$75 Exhibition Cost

  • One (1) unskirted 2’ x 8’ table
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Two (2) membership badges
  • One (1) 10’ x 10’ floor display space
  • One (1) shared electrical power drop

*Anything additional can be ordered through the venue Exposition Services Center or brought on your own. Please note we do not provide monitors, speakers, extra extension cords, or display material. We recommend that you label all of your equipment before you get to the event.

  • You may submit as multiple games for consideration but each one must have a unique application.
  • Only games that are selected by Anime Central are allowed to showcase at the event.
  • All games must be set to free play
  • You must be in attendance or have someone who developed the game in attendance during the event.
  • All participants in the Indie Game Party at ACen are subject to the rules of exhibiting at Anime Central.
Submission DeadlineMarch 20th, 2019


Tournament listings and times are coming soon!

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