Thanks to the hard work of our staff, we are happy to announce that we mailed out all eligible membership badges on Monday, April 6, 2019! Answers to frequently asked questions about badge mailing can be found below.

What do you mean by eligible?

“Eligible” means that mailing was purchased and paid, the mailing address was complete, the badge is for a membership type that can be mailed (some that are not eligible include Artist, Press, and Panelist) and the membership information was complete.

How do you ship badges?

All badges are mailed via US Postal Service/First Class Mail; which according to their website is delivered “within 3 days in most cases”.

I did not receive my badge as promised; what do I do now?

Please do not panic.

We ask that you wait until April 20 to contact us at

Things to check before you send an email:

  • Are you registered as a panelist or artist? If so, per the policies for those memberships, your badges are not mailed out.
  • Did you purchase and pay for badge mailing? Check your order to see.

If you are not a panelist or artist and you have not received your badge, and it is April 20, please email us with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • The email address for your registration account
  • The order number (if you have it)
  • Your shipping address

Once we have received your email, we will research where your badge may have gone astray.

I moved and my badge was sent to the old address; what do I do now?

Please do not panic.

USPS will forward your badge to the new address if you have filed a change of address within the last year. If it has been longer than one year, USPS will return to sender. Once we have received your badge, we will contact you to verify your mailing address and resend it.

There is a mistake in my shipping address; what do I do now?

Please do not panic.

Because your badge is sent First Class Mail, USPS will return to sender any badge that whose address is “Attempted – Not Known”, “Not Deliverable as Addressed”, “No Such Number”, etc.

When badges bounce back to us at the MAPS Office from USPS, we will always contact the attendee via email for shipping address verification prior to resending it. However, we will only resend the badge one additional time. If the badge bounces back to us a second time, it will be held at the Service Desk for pick up during the open hours of Registration. (see below for open hours).

Why has my badge name been changed?

We sent our mascot Kit through the registration system to find any badge names that were not family friendly. He may have left his mark on those that he felt needed to be more appropriate.

However, once you arrive at the convention we will be more than happy to change the badge label to a family-friendly badge name of your choice at the Service Desk in the Registration Hall during the open hours of Registration. (see below for open hours)

My badge and/or badge label was damaged during shipping, is this ok?

You will need to get it fixed if it is destroyed/damaged in any fashion. You can do that at the Service Desk in the Registration Hall during open hours of Registration. (see below for open hours)

What are your open hours at the convention?

Our open hours for Registration are as follows:

Thursday, May 16th4:00p – 10:00p
Friday, May 17th8:00a – 12:00a
Saturday, May 18th8:00a – 12:00a
Sunday, May 19th8:00a – 2:00p

Hours for Registration are subject to change without notice. Registrations are finished for those in line when the doors close.

I love my badge! Can I post a picture of it?

We ask that you do not post pictures of your badge in order to protect you from people who would steal your information and copy your badge. This also includes the artwork itself with the information covered up. That too can even be stolen and used. The copier and the original membership holder can both be penalized. Once posted someone can easily take your information and it will affect you too!

You can always post pictures of anything else mailed with your badge, just not the badge itself.

I purchased mailing for a formal dance ticket! Why isn’t it with my badge?

Formal Dance tickets are mailed separately from membership badges. Those will be sent out soon!

My question wasn’t answered in your FAQ. What do I do now?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at