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Panel, Cosplay Gathering and Performance Submissions are Open!

By December 13, 2021February 10th, 2022No Comments
Anime Central Mascot Jaye

Submission forms for hosting a panel, hosting a cosplay gathering and submitting your group for a live performance, are now open!

Cosplay Gatherings

If you are looking to meet and connect with other cosplayers from your favorite series, you can apply to host a cosplay gathering. Our Cosplay Gatherings are our officially scheduled group photo shoots and we’re looking for gathering hosts. Please note that each host and co-host is restricted to host no more than four Gatherings.

Live Performances

Are you part of a band, cultural group or other type of performance interested in coming to Anime Central and performing for our attendees? We would love to hear from you! From our stages in the Hyatt to our community stage in the exhibit hall we have many options for all types of groups!

Panel Programming

Looking to host a panel at Anime Central? From new show reviews to exciting games, traveling to Japan and exploring the Japanese culture this is the spot to apply. Our fan lead panel programming boasts a wide selections of topics geared to delight you!