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Tommy Gofton

Anime Central is happy to announce that Tommy Gofton will appear at the 2023 convention.

About Tommy Gofton

Initiating in film, Thomas produced the comedic award-winning series “The Gamers: Natural One” and “Hands of Fate”. Thomas founded Lynnvander Studios, an Canadian based design studio responsible for tabletop and RPG games including “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Pathfinder: Level 20”, “Imaria: The Legacy of Mana”, “Albion’s Legacy”, “Cowboy Bebop: Boardgame Boogie”, “Dr. Who: Don’t Blink”, “Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance”, “Evil Dead 2”, “Army of Darkness the Board Game”, “Star Trek Attack Wing’s Alliance System” as well as “Battletech: Aces”, “Starfinder’s Pirates of Skydock”, “Naruto Village Defenders” and “Shadowrun Takedown”. When Thomas is not filming for his channel (Destiny of Worlds Series) or managing his series of establishments including board game café’s, archery range and escape rooms, he is found traveling the world hosting screenings, design sessions and panels to creators, gamers, filmmakers and viewers.