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Takahiko Abiru

Anime Central is happy to announce that Takahiko Abiru will appear at the 2023 convention. We are very honored to announce the return of VINLAND SAGA Season 2 creative team.  In 2020 Anime Central had the privilege to invite the VINLAND SAGA team, but was canceled due to the unforeseen global pandemic. This time the ACEN staff had worked very hard to bring the team back again so they can fulfill the 2020 promise to the ACEN fans.

Takahiko Abiru's Bio

Born in 1980. Majored in Japanese Art at Musashino Art University. In 2004, he started his career as an in-between animator at Doga Kobo Inc. In 2006, he joined MADHOUSE Inc. as an in-between animation inspector for works like “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and “Papurika“. In 2007, he debuted as a key animator for “Death Note“. His first work that he has done as an animation director was “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” in 2010. From 2011, he was the animation director for the series “HUNTER x HUNTER” for 3 years. In 2019, for the first time, he was the character designer and the animation director for “VINLAND SAGA“. Currently, he is also in charge of both character design and animation for “VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2“.

Takahiko Abiru's 2023 Convention Schedule