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Anime Central is happy to announce that DJ GreenFlöw will appear at the 2023 convention. DJ GreenFlöw will be performing at the Soapbubble EDM dance.

About GreenFlöw

GreenFlöw is a nomadic DJ and Producer who has been active in the music scene for over half a decade. He got his start in conventions but has since expanded, playing around the world in places like Seoul, South Korea and Mexico City, Mexico. He has played conventions across the country such as Kumoricon, Anime Milwaukee, and Anime Central. When in the US, he spends most of his time around Milwaukee, WI where he performs regularly with local group Non-Pop!, putting together parties combining music and live art. Wherever you find him, he’s spinning together melodic tunes or making the walls vibrate, and you’re always going to have a good time.