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2018 Guests of Honor

2019 Guest Announcement: Aya Suzaki

Aya Suzaki Aya Suzaki is a Japanese voice actress, singer, and narrator from Ishikawa prefecture. While a student at Tokyo ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Takushi Koide

Takushi Koide Takushi Koide is a highly anticipated and talented animator from Kinema Citrus. He has participated in the animations ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Hiromitsu Iijima (IRMA LA DOUCE)

Hiromitsu Iijima (IRMA LA DOUCE) Hiromitsu Iijima is a music producer and director of music production company, IRMA LA DOUCE.  ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Kevin Penkin

Kevin Penkin Kevin Penkin is an Australian composer for Japanese anime and video games. Penkin is best known for composing ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Masayuki Kojima

Masayuki Kojima Masayuki Kojima is an animation director with Kinema Citrus, and the director of Made in Abyss. Born in ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Shiori Tani

Shiori Tani Shiori Tani is the most anticipated female animator from Kinema Citrus. She has worked on Made in Abyss, ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Hiroyuki Saita

Hiroyuki Saita Hiroyuki Saita is an animator and character designer with Kinema Citrus. Born in 1988, Mr. Saita is from ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Takao Abo

Takao Abo Takao Abo is the director of The Rising of the Shield Hero and Norn9 for Kinema Citrus. Formerly ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Muneki Ogasawara – Kinema Citrus CEO

Muneki Ogasawara Muneki Ogasawara is the CEO of the animation studio Kinema Citrus. Born in 1970, Mr. Ogasawara’s long career ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Tomohiro Furukawa

Tomohiro Furukawa Tomohiro Furukawa is an animation director and staff member from Kinema Citrus. Born in 1981, Mr. Furukawa began ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Mai Nakahara as a 2019 Guest of ...
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2019 Guest Announcement: Kenichi Sonoda

Please give a warm welcome to Kenichi Sonoda as he returns to Chicago for the World Premiere of Episode 0 ...
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2018 Performers

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Autograph Policy

  1. Anime Central does not guarantee that you will get an autograph and/or sketch from a particular guest.
  2. Guests reserve the right to decline any autograph related service, such as sketches, pictures, etc. For example, bootleg items, inappropriate pictures, body parts, etc. Limit two (2) items to be autographed.
  3. Do not attempt to have bootlegged items autographed. Some guests may have official merchandise available for purchase. If you have any questions about an item you want autographed, please ask the Autograph Area staff.
  4. You may request sketches or photographs with guests, but only with permission, and time permitting. Some guests may have more restrictive policies. For example, charging for sketches or photos or no sketches or photos at all.
  5. Avoid lengthy conversations with guests during autograph sessions. Please keep the lines moving. Be consid­erate of other attendees and their wish to get autographs too.
  6. Be respectful of the guests. Those exhibiting rude behavior will be asked to leave the line and not admitted back in.
  7. Autograph lines may be terminated at any point to keep events on schedule. Lines form quickly and may be lengthy, so plan ahead for long lines.
  8. Times and locations for autograph sessions may change without prior notice. Changes in schedules are posted at Customer Service in the Hyatt and the Convention Center.
  9. These policies are subject to change at any time during the convention, as determined by Autograph Area staff.

Autograph Advice

  1. Check your Program Schedule for the Autograph Session times and locations. Updated schedules are posted around the hotel and at Customer Service. Then, prepare to wait in line. Plan ahead for lines at autograph sessions, as lines form quickly and can be very long. We do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will get an autograph from a particular guest.
  2. Do not attempt to get a bootleg item signed. Our guests know which items are legitimate and which are not. If you have any questions about a product you want signed, please ask the Autograph Area staff.


Anime Central brings an amazing array of Guests and Entertainers each year to delight our fans. Anime Central is currently collecting requests for the ACen 2018 convention! Want to see someone at ACen this year? Fill out this form linked here (one for each request) so we can get a idea of who you want to see. We may not be able to invite every request each year, but that doesn’t mean we cant make arrangements down the road! Thank you for your input!

Are you a voice performer, musical group, director or industry guest that would like the opportunity to be featured? Let us know your information below and we will reach out to you if we can feature you in our line-up!

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