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Anime Central Forums Guidelines

Rules and Policies of the Anime Central Forums
By registering for these forums, you acknowledge that you have read and will abide by the rules and policies described below. Note that these rules and policies are subject to change at any time.

Rights of Members
Each member of these forums has these rights:

  • The right to their opinions.
  • The right to express them-self, in a family-friendly way.
  • The right to be respected as an individual.
  • The right to have their comfort levels and boundaries respected.
  • The right not to be harassed or libeled.
  • The right not to have these rights infringed by other members.

If you feel that any of these rights have been infringed upon, please contact a moderator or administrator, who will take the appropriate action.

Moderators and Administrators
Respect the moderators and administrators. Respect their requests, respect their decisions, and respect their actions. If you are behaving inappropriately or breaking the rules and policies of these forums, a moderator or administrator may take action in the form of warning; resetting post counts; moving, editing, or deleting posts; subjecting future posts to moderation; suspending your account; banning your account; or banning your IP. If you feel that disproportionate action was taken against you, or you want to know the reason action was taken against you, contact the moderator team and ask; you will get an explanation back in a timely manner.


  • Do not flame. Flames are anger-filled, negative, or condescending posts that attack other members personally.
  • Do not post rumors about guests or Anime Central's staff. These rumors have the potential to hurt the convention more than help it.
  • Do not answer questions about Anime Central policy. Let the appropriate staff members take care of those questions so there is less confusion.
  • Do not post pictures of your badge on these forums before the convention. If you do and your badge is copied by others, you may face fines.
  • Keep all posts and links family-friendly. Like our convention, we encourage family-friendly behavior on these forums. This is certainly a subjective quality; use your best judgment.
  • Do not solicit or advertise products. Do not spam.
  • Do not post-flood or cross-post improperly. Make sure the forum and thread you are posting in is appropriate for the conversation you're having.
  • Do not post links to warez, bootlegs, illegal sources of anime, or other illegal content.
  • Do not commit violations of federal, state, or local laws, and do not discuss committing violations of said laws.

Avatars must be family-friendly and may not contain flamebait. Inappropriate avatars will be removed; moderators and administrators have final say in what is appropriate for these forums.

Signatures should be no taller than 8 lines of size-3 text. Signatures and links therein should be family-friendly. Images are not allowed in signatures. If a signature is found to violate these rules, a moderator or administrator may edit it.

Anime Trade/Sell
In order to participate in the Anime Trade/Sell you must have a minimum of 15 posts on your actual post count.

Thanks for joining and have fun!