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Yuki is Kaname's sister/fiancee. Kaname is Yuki's brother/fiancee. Zero Kiyru is Yuki's best friend and Kaname's enemy. When I grow up and get married, I am gonna have 3 children named after these main characters. If the first kid is a boy, I'm gonna name him Kaname Carson Kuran. If the second kid is a girl, I'm gonna name her Yuki Cross Carson. And if the third kid is another boy, I'm gonna name him Zero Kiyru Carson. But, I don't have to worry bout that right now. After the ending of season 2, Kaname and Yuki had 1-2 kids. I don't know what their names are, but I do know, is that Kaname sacrificed himself to protect Yuki. After Kaname died, WHICH IS REALLY SAD, Yuki and Zero have 1 kid. They had a boy. I don't know his name either. Kaname is a pure blood, he's suppose to live forever. Yuki is just a regular vampire. For Zero, He's a vampire Hunter, even though he has been biting by another pure blood vampire. Her name is Shikiu.

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