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Looking for 2 Roomates Thu-Sun

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Hey guys, I'm going to keep this simple. We have room available at the Loews, which is a ten minute walk from the Con. I'm looking for two people to help offset the costs. The room has two beds, we'll be using one, the two people I meet here will share the other one. It's $150 a head.


I do this a lot and I always have the same requirements. Just be cool. We'll have alcohol in the room. No one will pressure you to drink if you don't want to, but if you do feel free, we only ask that if you intend to have some cups bring a bottle or a six pack to contribute to the pool. We usually stay out late, but we're pretty respectful about being quiet when we get back to the room, so if you're not about that night owl life don't worry.

So yea,

Where: Loews

When: Check in Thurs, Check out Sun

Cost: $150 a head

DM me if you're interested.

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