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Ricky Fajardo

Looking for One/Two ppl , need roommates at the Embassy Suite

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My name is Ricardo Fajardo aka Ricky 

i’ve been Going to ACen for 10 years. I love magic the gathering , resident evil, league of legends, dmc, tokusatsu(mainly Kamen rider), a caterer, and loves to cook for friends and ppl

i have a room at the embassy suite for fri-sun (the embassy suite is the hotel literally across the street of the convention it’s a 5 minute walking distance )

i’m rooming with my gf and another friend too and I am looking for one or two more ppl to stay with us and must be 21 and older and must be lgbtq friendly

the rate to stay for the whole weekend will be $120 it’s just 4 ppl stay in the room or $85 if it’s 5 ppl stay in the room

it has one bedroom and living room with a pull up couch bed and has microwave and fridge 

we will bring one extra air bed and food to help all of us from over spend and have a comfortable time

I do have rules , if anyone starts be dramatic, stealing, bringing uninvited guest to the room without my knowing, not clean yourself and bathe, gay/trans-bashing, or Sexualizing/being perv unwelcoming to people! , you will not get ur money back and you will be kicked out 

If you believe you can accept these terms and conditions please message me here, and/or comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can 

ps if you want to message me on Facebook ask for my link 

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