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1 roommate needed (Hyatt Regency Ohare - main hotel

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Update 1/10  *** 1 spots remaining*** 


I'm looking to find 1 roommate (2 spots taken) 21+ for my Hyatt Regency Ohare Room. Total Cost $175 per person** - This is the cost regardless of when you come in/leave. No payments at Con. $50 deposit (per person) required by 1/31st to secure your spot. $60 by 3/31. Remaining $60 by 4/31.***  This protects me and other roommates from having to cover the cost of someone not showing up/having the money at con.

Check in - Thursday May 16th

Check out - Sunday May 19th  

** We have 2 king beds - so you should have bed space as long as they dont overbook them like they did last year. I will attempt to get a roll away if that happens. I will require a real bed spot due to my disability. 

*** If there is still room space after January 31st the deposit is due within 1 week of confirmation unless other arrangements are made

Roommate expectations:
I ask that anyone who does intend to drink doesn't go overboard - you are responsible for your own mess and if you get sick you will be cleaning it up and paying for any damages. This is an LGBTQ+ friendly room. No smoking. No illegal substances. No major cosplay mess please. If you are using body paint/fake blood etc please bring your own towel so we arent charged for them. Be quiet during sleeping hours. No outside guests or parties allowed. Any complaints can go through me but overall I want things to be as drama free as possible. Please make sure you keep your stuff to one spot as much as possible - the rooms are small.The room is really just meant to be a sleeping/changing/chill out etc room. 

About Me: 

I am 32/Female - a  long time veteran of Anime Central and former staff member. This will be my 10th ACen. I am an artist although I am not in the artist alley. Ive roomed with many artist ally participants. I go to parties while at ACen but overall I'm pretty chill and I dont like to get raging drunk anymore. I also attend DragonCon in Atlanta every year. Travelling is my main hobby. This will be an ADA room with a walk in shower. I may have a mobility scooter depending on my status at that time. It shouldn't get in anyone's way. I have a group that I mainly hang out with but I'm always up for meeting and making new friends. I typically dont cosplay at ACen but I do enjoy cosplay. Any questions feel free to reach out to me.

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