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Artist Alley 2019 Notification

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Have all artist alley 2019 acceptance notices been sent out? Furthermore, why are there always so many print artist an no other mediums? This seems pretty skewed in the sense that handmade artist are slighted and print artist are oversaturated and don't get proper acknowledgement. Furthermore, why is there always a lack of representation among minority artist at ACen? I was one of 6 African American artist last year, that's a low number, especially for an event held so close to Chicago...seems super skewed all around. And I know it's a 'lottery' but I'm a data analyst and I know that systems like that can have the inputs manipulated to skew the results.

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Once the Lottery Submission process closes, we begin our community review, to ensure that the product categories reported on the submissions match the online portfolios. Once this is completed, each viable submission is pulled at random to fill the open categories in the hall, until the tables are all assigned. We have no time table for this process, as it can fluctuate based on the number of submissions, and the number of individuals helping to verify submissions match portfolios, but we are trying very hard to have it completed before November is out.


To address your concerns related to number of a certain product type in the hall, we distribute the lottery numbers according to what we see in the market nationwide, and based on submission volume. We do not artificially increase the prevalence of any category based solely on any individual’s product type preferences.


To address your concerns about the ethnicity of artists in attendance, we do not ask for nor research an individual’s ethnicity.

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