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I couldn't find a bag policy on the website. 

I have a box on wheels. Its about 2 ft by 2 ft. Like how a lot of people bring suitcases to hall their things they want to get autographed or keep their purchases from the vendor hall in. I use this box.  It doesn't have sharp edges and it stays by my side. 

Is it allowed?

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I'm speaking as a long time attendee, not a staff member however I do know that bags are allowed in some area's and not in others.They are not allowed in the dances at all and have previously not been allowed in the video game rooms until last year. I do not know whether or not they will be allowed this year. I do not know if they are allowed in things like the manga library, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are not. Especially large bags.  Also keep in mind that the halls get quite crowded and something on wheels behind you could cause a hindrance to the flow of traffic. 

Ultimately I would be prepared to either A) bring your box back to the room if asked/wanting to go to banned areas or B) not bring it with you all the time. There are no bag checks at ACen either.  There are also medical exceptions to the rules, if you think you might qualify Id go see them in the Hyatt or registration. You can also email them  eventaccessibilityservices-departmenthead@ACen.org

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