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First Time in the Artist Alley -- Help! : A Compilation

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Hello and welcome! ACen is an amazing convention with a great Artist's Alley that can be somewhat intimidating due to it's size. That's okay. We've all been there. ACen is great in that it also has more than a decade of forum archives full of advice and anecdotes on just this topic!

Not everyone enjoys trawling through 10+ years' worth of forum posts, though, so I've put together a list of some of the best advice and help threads I've found. Actually, I did most of the work back in 2013, but I feel like the topic is worth a 2018 refresh. ;) Unfortunately some of the older posts appear to have been lost in the migration to the new forum software, so where possible I've supplanted the missing official forum posts with links from archive.org and the Internet Wayback Machine. Some posts are just lost to the aether, and I am heartbroken that all that effort and advice is gone. (If anyone knows of a mirror/cache site OTHER than archive.org that would have posts from 2007 - 2009, please let me know!)

With all links, make sure to pay attention to the year it was posted. Price guidelines, power drops, and credit card technology have changed in a decade or so! But much of the how-to advice remains timeless. 

Artist Alley for Beginners (2013, Wayback link) -- The OP in this thread asked a bunch of questions for veterans to answer, so it reads like an interview of various sellers. Very good for business-oriented questions like "how much do I make of my widget" and "How do I make a profit."

Completely New to Artist Alley! (2011) -- This thread is full of great self-care advice, plus a lot of great talk about signage, displays, and table setup.

Questions for Traveling Artists (2011) -- As advertised on the tin. :) This is a short post with advice for artists traveling away from home.

Artist Alley 100 (2009) -- This was an amazing, year-long series done by a forum regular, that covered just about every topic imaginable. I was crushed when I found that 2/3 of it had been gobbled up by the migration. The posts that are left are still very good info, but since they're the end of the 100, they're more about polish than framework. Sadly, archive.org doesn't have a snapshot of the first pages, either.  :'(

AA Setup Checklist (2011, Wayback link) -- As advertised, what (and who) to bring with you. Very thorough, very full of great tips. 


Deep breaths. You can do this.  :heart: Welcome to the AA! 


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