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Hey guys! I've been busy hammering out some final touches on my mercy cosplay, but I've seen a "six inch" rule floating around about costumes only extending six inches from the body. I'd rather be safe than sorry on this one so I'm planning on making the wings detachable, but was wondering how others have gotten around this problem. Specifically, what would be a good way to carry them--for photo shoot reasons I still want to have them with me, y'know--and what others have done in years past about her stupid wings (lol)? Moreover, are there any places where you can have them on without worrying about their size?

I just want to be able to have my wings be seen, because of the energy going into making them (let alone the money)!

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I did Mercy last year! I walked around the foyer/entrance area and mainly stuck around outside for photos and the cosplay gathering. I was lucky and had friends around me which really helped me get around easily and most people were kind and made room. I made them with two flag pole holders on my back and the wings had a base of pvc pipe, so if I needed them off I could pop them on and off if needed.

My wings were pretty big too! They also were able to swivel so they could lay directly behind me when walking so they weren't full spread out like I had for pictures! Picture below to reference my size.~



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