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Not my first time to ACen but my first time here to the forum so please to meet you all! I am in search of new friends to meet up and hang out with this year's convention so I don't feel so alone, kinda.  So here goes my introduction and I'm really not good at these at all lol, my name is Asch, they/them pronouns, I use to live in Chicago, moved around a couple of times and now live in Haysville, KS. Started attending ACen back in99 and every year after that before I moved. I did a couple of cosplays in the past like Iori, Belial and a bunch of OCs. I'm currently watching black clover, how to keep a mummy, darling in the franxx, citrus, the new card captor Sakura just to name a few. I'm currently remaking Iori, working on Zero-two and my own version of the inquisitor from DA:I. I'm looking for friends over 25 and up and the location is not an issue. If you would like to make a new friend before ACen, feel free to add me on FB, you would have message first because I have it where to only friends of friends can add. 


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