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Hey all!
I'm not sure if the usual host put in for the gathering yet so just in case, I sent in a gathering request for the madoka magica series! if anyone is cosplaying from madoka magica or any of the spinoffs, it'd be lovely to know if you're joining.. if you've already put in for one, that's good news, too.
If I do end up hosting, I'm kind of anxious trying to run a shoot like this but I'm sure it'll work out, I can be really loud if needed.
I plan on cosplaying Holy Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. Not sure how dead the madoka scene is, hopefully there's more witch cosplays, and that the gathering has a good amount of people!!

I put in for Saturday afternoon ( as priority) so hopefully we fit in! I also gave the options for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We'll see what happens.
I will update this thread if necessary!

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Just joined this board so this reply is a bit late oops. I'll be cosplaying as the maiko/kimono version of Madoka! I went last year as school outfit Madoka and saw a few others wandering around so I'm sure no one would be opposed to a meet up!

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