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Ghost in the Shell Cosplay Gathering 2018

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Hey all, it's that time of year again! Time to start planning for 2018's GITS cosplay gathering! This is our SEVENTH year doing this, and I'm hyped as ever! I will be there as your gathering host cosplaying as a 1995 Oshii film Major Motoko Kusanagi! :)

Update as of May 3rd, 7:13PM:

We are officially on the docket, have a time and place! Per the Guidebook App, the GITS cosplay gathering will be:

Friday, May 18 from 6:00PM--6:25PM at Gatherings Location "Flag 3."

GASP! But where is Flag 3? On the Map (in the trusty handy dandy guidebook appl!) is Loading Dock 2nd closest to the Expoteria Restaurant. It is across from the Hyatt Regency, on Bryn Mawr Avenue. :) 

 Here is a Facebook Event so if you use FB, feel free to RSVP and if you'd like share who you are cosplaying as so we all know who you are! ^_^
We will be starting promptly at 6:00 so we can make all the time we have since there is a shoot after ours that needs to start at 6:30! Let's have a great year! :D HYPE!


FYI: Please refer to the Guidebook app for any sudden changes! 



Edited by GITS SAC Motoko
Official gathering time, location and update done! 5/3/2018 19:30

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