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Athena Ash

Is anyone interested in hosting a vocaloid cosplay meet up?

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This is my first time at ACen this year. I have never hosted or knew it was possible to host a cosplay meet up. I have posted on Facebook and its been a week, no one has responded, commented, liked, anything. It astonishes me that no one posted or mentioned having any vocaloid cosplay meet ups since it is well known and heard almost worldwide.

I would really like to attend a meet up since I am going as Hatsune Miku V3 Friday and Sunday. there is no photographer but if anyone's interested my parents can take a picture and the picture uploaded to the Anime Central group on Facebook. 

If i must I will do a on-the-spot meet up of anyone that is cosplaying or enjoys vocaloid at the convention. 

Care to join me?

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