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Hey there! 

This will be my first time going to ACen! I currently have a reserved room about 10 min from the convention center, but I'm looking for a room close to the convention so that I get to experience everything up close! I am looking to spend Friday and Saturday night there and head back north Sunday.  

I'm a normal 25 year old, nerdy, sociable, well behaved, 'proper hygiene-d', person hoping to meet some fellow con-goers/make friends and have a safe place to crash at 4am when I'm done playing video games, watching/reading anime, drawing, dancing, and people watching!! 

I think it'd be fun to room with a gaggle of ladies, men are ok too as long as they're respectful :D 

Let me know if I can fill a space for you! 




(My facebook is in my profile, if you want to respectfully stalk me before sending a reply!) :)

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Hey hey - I have plenty of space and I'm staying at the Double Tree. So far it's just me in the room, but I'm planning on making a post sometime after Katsucon/when I hear back about my panel submissions. 

I'm coming in on Thursday and staying until Sunday morning. I pretty much keep to myself and only use the room for sleeping, eating, changing cosplay, and grabbing my laptop before going to panel rooms. My only two qualms are that I like to keep the room as clean as possible (namely keeping your stuff to a designated corner) and that if you do come in late/leave early to just be respectful since I dunno when my time slots are in and I might need sleep. 

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I myself am coming in Thursday and staying through Monday (because why not) and have a room at the Embassy suites. I know you posted this a while ago and have probably forgotten about it, but hear me out at least. 

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