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Looking for cosplayers for a Love Live Angelic Angel photoshoot

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I have posted this on a facebook, gaia, and instagram but since the forums are back up, I thought I should try here too! (Hopefully I got the right spot...) Hey fellow ACen cosplayers. I'm looking for cosplayers for a photoshoot of the Angelic Angel outfits from the Love Live series! I would love to see a full group but would at least like to get as many girls as we can filled. Right now here's how the photoshoot is looking. There is no set date or time yet. I understand if that might make you a bit skeptical on the shoot but I would like to work it out with everyone's schedule. (Personally, I might look at early Friday or Sunday but like I said, it'll depend on everyone.) We also don't have a photographer yet, but we are looking for suggestions so if you do join feel free to let me know! Because of this, I cannot guarantee how much it'll cost for everyone but I'll do my best to keep it about $10-20 per person. Even if we don't have a full group, a couple of us are going ahead to do the photoshoot anyways so I might as well ask everyone!

Right now we are for sure looking for the following girls: Nico, Rin, Honoka, Umi, Maki. (Nozomi, Kotori, and Hanayo are for sure taken at this point and Eli is a maybe.) Just let me know if you are interested and I'll add you to the group. Thanks!

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