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Roommate Zone Rules

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Hello to all of you looking for Roommates for Anime Central. The following are the rules for this forum. Breaking these rules can result in a Three (3) Day Suspension and/or your topic/post being deleted. If you post breaks any of our hotel agreements we will also turn your name over to the venue in question.

*Anime Central is not responsible for intervening in roommate issues.



-You must be at least 18 to post a thread or reply in this forum. Anything underage will result in topic/post deletion and possibly a warning.


-No posting of underage drinking - you must be 21 to consume alcohol.


-This is not a hook up area. Any insinuation of anything other than barter or money for bed space will result in post deletion and possible warning.


-Maximum of 4 people per hotel room. Hyatt suites each room counts for having 4 people [two room suite = 8 people]. Over that is breaking not only hotel rules but the fire code as well, which is against the law.


-Do not breech the Fire Code, if you exceed the allotted amount of people per room the hotel has permission to do what they wish on handling the situation.



If you have any questions, please let us know.

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