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1. I registered for the forums but I keep getting error messages about "not being to perform this action". What gives?

A: Send an e-mail to forums@ACen.org with your username and I will look into it for you.


2. I'm using my ACen Registration account name to log in here, it won't work, why?

A: Your ACen registration account does not sync automatically to create a forum account; you need to create a forum account here : https://www.ACen.org...ection=register. Also your forum account does not also automatically sync with a Registration account; if you want to attend the convention you will need to create a ACen Registration account here: http://www.ACen.org/.


3. I am new! I want to make friends on here but I am shy. What do I do?

A: Create an introduction thread here http://www.ACen.org/...-introductions/ . Also don't be afraid to private message (PM) users, staff, moderators or admins if you want to chit chat. Most of us are extremely friendly.


4. I asked a question about the convention but I'm being ignored, and I need an answer. What do I do?

A: Private message the specific moderator for that subforum and link them to the question.


5. I want to change my forum username. Who handles that?

A: An admin on the forums. Email forums@acen.org.


6. I am a staffer (or I just changed departments) and I need my account changed to indicate my new staff status. Who do I talk to to get that changed?

A: Email our staffing team with your username and they will send the approvals to update your profile.


7. I cannot see my new profile picture that I uploaded. Did I do something wrong?

A: No; refresh your window or clear your cookies you will be able to see it after this.


8. A spammer, I see a spammer! How do I get rid of it?

A: There is a report button on every post. Click the report button, fill out the form and watch the moderators duke it out on who vanquishes the spammer first.


9. I understand you can report a forum user. How do I report a ACen staff member or moderator/admin for behavior?

A: Private message a forum admin. (Reporting a user will send a message to all of the forum moderators - perhaps even including the person in question, if you are reporting a moderator.)


10. How can I have my topic stickied if I am not a staffer?

A: Unless it is a really helpful topic that the moderators don't want to get lost in the shuffle your topic will not be stickied. We want to keep the forums as organized as possible.


11. How do I become a global moderator or moderator?

A: Moderators are mainly staffers because they have to know ACen policies and procedures. 


12. How does your warning system work?

A: We have 5 stages of warnings/penalties:

[*]Verbal Warning

[*]Second Verbal Warning and/or Temporary Suspension

[*]First/Second Temporary Suspension

[*]Second/Third Temporary Suspension

[*]Permanent Account Ban

Depending upon your violation a step or two may be skipped. If you ever feel you are being given an unfair warning please do not hesitate to contact an administrator. Neither staffers nor moderators are above the warning system.


13. A moderator or administrator is doing a super job. Is there a way I can let people know?

A. You can email forums@ACen.org


14. I have a question that isn't on here, where do I go?

A. Either ask below or PM a moderator.

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