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2017 ACen Cosplay Photographer Hangout

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I've done photographer meetups at ACen since 2012. It's pretty much just to hang out and talk with people of similar interests. I will for sure be at ACen on Friday the 19th, so this seemed to be a good day and time (before the open cosplay photoshoot many of us will be doing at 4pm, if you are interested in that for 2018, meeting us at this casual hangout would help get the ball rolling).


This is casual and as always an unofficial meetup. If you are strictly a cosplayer, feel free to hang out and meet some of us. Just keep in mind this isn't any type of photo taking event. It's just a meeting and conversation thing. :)


Friday May 19th from 2:30PM to 3:45PM


The meeting spot will be the usual garden area across the street from the Hyatt main entrance, or if rain the statue inside the Hyatt (see the event photo in the Facebook event).

Facebook 2017 event page


I could potentially have this happen Saturday or Sunday as well depending on interest. Let me know if you want this.




Past meetup threads:

2015 thread

2014 thread

2013 thread

2012 thread

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