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Hi! My name is Katii. This will be my 4th(?) year attending ACen. However I usually attended for the gaming aspect of it. I just really started getting into anime probably last year. I am really into fantasy type things.


My favorite anime currently is Tales of Zestiria -The X because what more could a girl want? Hot white haired men, magical powers, strong female roles, cute little supports (normin), and demons. The only thing thats missing is samurai.


WHICH leads to my favorite dating sim/anime; Hakuoki. Souji Okita is best man. Samurai and Demons. yum.


Other anime I love include SAO, And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, and No Game No Life.



My favorite game currently is League of Legends. Have been playing for around 6 years. I used to be a filthy Brand support main. Now I'm the worst type of person and play Galio mid. I have done a Vayne, Alistar, Nidalee, and Rengar cosplay. Currently working on Tahm Kench

Also a recovering WoW addict. Played from BC to Draenor. I mained a warlock (cuz demons) and a hunter. Did a really embarrassing cosplay of my hunter in Brutal Gladiator gear. that was so awkward /.\

I have also cosplayed Sheik from The Legend of Zelda.


Planning on a rule 63 Lunarre from Tales of Zestiria, and a Kagero cosplay from Fire Emblem.

Working on a Tieve cosplay from Vindictus and an Emilia cosplay from Re:Zero.


Thanks for reading!

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