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Hey ACen forums~ I have a question I'm trying to figure out and knowing many of you ride the CTA, I figured here would be a good place to ask it.


Okay - I'm thinking of traveling to New York in the spring, Chicago is a somewhat of a far off ride for me, but has cheaper plane tickets(atm of course) for the times I'm planning to go. I'd also have to ride the train because I am definitely not comfortable to drive myself, by myself, to O'Hare Airport from where I live. Coupling the plane and train tickets this early is far cheaper for me than just one ticket from a different, yet, closer airport ANYWAYS-


My question is how long does it normally take to walk to Clinton Blue Line from Union Station and how long is the ride usually?


The earliest my train will arrive in Chicago is 10:00am, the people I'm going with would rather have me in NY before 4, but I'm beginning to think that time would be way too early. As all the traveling and possibilities of being late are there. (the flight I was leaning toward to make all this possible leaves O'Hare at 12:00pm)


So should I go ahead and risk this and walk to Blue Line or should I fork over money for a taxi to increase my chances of being on time?


Or should I tell the people I'm going with I may have to forsake going to one of the places they had planned for that day just to be able to make it at all and plan for a later flight?


Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me!

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The Clinton Blue station is two blocks south of Union Station. It won't even take you ten minutes to get there.


I usually Amtrak it from NYC to Chi for ACen. It's a more comfortable ride, no f****ng TSA, and you can bring your own beverages on the train (including booze).

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