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Is there any reason to play the current version of Final Fantasy XIV now that we're days away from Heavensward?!


I log in and do a few Crystal Tower runs just for fun until Heavensward gets here. In terms of end game gear, I'm somewhere in the middle of the ridiculously long Zodiac Weapon quests, so there's no use in trying to complete it with a few days left. I imagine that Heavensward will have even better weapons anyway, so what's the use, right?


I've been a summoner throughout A Realm Reborn, so I'm sticking with it in Heavensward to see how it goes. I liked what I saw from the announced changes so far.


Are any of you looking forward to the expansion?

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Given that no one has responded to you in almost 6 months, I'm probably going to say that the answer to your question is : No, not much. Hello, I'm just browsing through this wasteland called the ACen forums. How are you?

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