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Hi this is Craig aka Brain Age Guy Cosplay

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Hi! This is Craig! I'm also known as cosplaying Brain Age on day 0 and then focused on cosplaying Master Hand and Crazy Hand cosplay from Smash Bros and did Tuxedo Totoro being so lively. I had a great at the con that I'm willing to hopefully come back again next year depending on my budget! It was an amazing experience that I hope to push my next cosplay harder for new ideas! I had fun meeting other people and had a blast at the Prom event! Made it worth it! I do watch Anime here and there but I'm mostly a gamer since I enjoy playing Music Game and other unique games. I also enjoy social dancing such as Ballroom Dancing and Swing Dancing if you saw my Tuxedo Totoro at the Prom!


If you like to check out more what I do and have facebook check out my page www.facebook.com/brainagecosplay

Nonono! I'm not here to get more likes. I wanted to connect with people and learn about different culture at con scenes and other places and I can tell you mine if you're welcome to check it out if my page to your liking! I'm planning on wanting to do a panel about traveling to different anime cons in the US and my word of advice of how to pull it off. I also do reviews of formal dance/ball at other cons group https://www.facebook.com/groups/537475112994658/ which I did a review on the ACen Prom this year. Hope you'll enjoy and I'm looking forward to get to know all of you!

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