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Hosting a Scavenger Hunt with Prizes!


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As an artist in the ACen Artist Alley, it can be hard to run about and get photos of cosplayers and convention events. So, to get into the convention spirit from behind my table, I'm going to be doing an all weekend scavenger hunt and offering free prizes from my table for each winner!



I will be posting at my artist alley table, IcyPanther's Art Shop B32, (see map below) a different "prompt" if you will of an item you need to take a picture of. For example, a group of at least 3 Iwatobi Swim Free! members making funny faces, or a set of people cosplaying the eveolutions of a Pokemon (i.e. Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu).


The first person to take a picture of the prompt and bring it back to the table and show me wins any one $2 item on the table!


Every single time a prompt is answered a new one will be posted immediately on the Facebook and updated at the table. I definitely encourage you to like and follow my Facebook Page so you get those updates and aren't still looking for the previous one that had been solved.



These are very important, so please read thoroughly.

  • You can only win up to two times throughout the weekend.
  • Only one person can win per prompt. Even if you solve it with a friend or a group only one person gets a prize. So hash that out!
  • Pictures can be taken on a phone or camera
  • Only one winner per prompt. That means that if you found the answer, rush back and someone else has already solved it, I'm very sorry. Only the first person to get back to the table first wins.
  • Show the picture to either IcyPanther (me!) or her table minion (identical twin so it looks just like her!)


.:The Prizes:.

Aka, the most important thing, eh?

You may select any one $2 item I offer on the table. Those include; buttons, magnets, bookmarks and stickers! You can view a wide variety of my product offerings at my etsy shop,IcyPanther's Art Shop


You cannot apply the $2 towards another item on the table - it's for the above prizes only.


.:The Map:.

Find me here!





Ask away! This is my first time doing this and I'm hoping it'll be fun!

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