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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone the names Mark and this will be my first year attending ACen, so if anyone has any tips for me that would be awesome. Ive been wanting to go for a few years now but something always managed to get in the way but i finally made it lol.

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hello! welcome to the forums and welcome to the convention on general!!!


Some rules of thumb for ACen. Got soap? GOOD. Shower every day of the convention, we want none of that con funk.

Consent is great! Ask before hugging or sometimes taking pictures of someone!

Be polite and open minded to your fellow con goers! Everyone is there to have fun.


Budget your money carefully! I know the dealer hall is tempting but try not to go broke for when you really need it like for food.


Arrive a little early for panels.

be ready to walk till your feet drop.


that's all the tips I have for now.

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Hey, welcome! You'll have a lot of fun at ACen!


I'd say definitely be prepared to walk. Whether you're staying at a hotel or driving back and forth or only going one day, make sure to bring good walking shoes and a fresh pair of socks! And along with what Fantasia said, definitely shower with soap and bring deodorant too to be safe.


Try to budget your money accordingly, again, because it's soooo tempting to buy the whole con when you have money! There's so much loot!! Going along with that, it's a good idea to bring your own food, because con-food is expensive and walking to a McDonald's is tiring.


If you're going only 1 day, especially Saturday, be prepared to get there early and wait in line. If you don't, you'll be welcomed to Line-Con 2015, home of standing in line for hours on end while waiting for your badge and missing the panels you want to go to. Line-Con is bad.


Be careful of people with big props because it's likely that something will break if you're not careful, especially walking in the skywalk or at the con-center.


Speaking of the skywalk, try not to get too turned around. It's a little confusing at first, but don't be afraid to ask people for help navigating if you need it!


I think I covered everything I thought of saying.

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Sweet thanks for the tips ya im going the full 3 days so ive been trying to save up as much money as possible for all the swag lol. What can you usually buy at the convention sorry if that's a vague question pretty much anything i can think of ?

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