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Some friends and I have always wanted to do Japanese-style private room karaoke, and Lincoln Karaoke doesn't look unreasonably far from the con (half hour drive or a pretty hefty Uber fare, but still…). Have any locals been there and care to offer a comment?

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I've been to Lincoln Karaoke a lot. It's a fun place with good bar food and a good song selection. The rooms are roomy and the prices are nice. Parking is a bit tricky. Supposedly you can park in the lot for the club across the street but even the people at Lincoln Karaoke seem unsure about this. Otherwise, it is fully street parking.


It is a bit from the con and if you go in cosplay you will get looks. It's in an area with lots of Korean influence (restaurants, travel plans, stores etc). I personally love it because I know I can go there to sing my favorite K-Pop songs.


They do keep up to date with recent English releases as well.


Not too sure on the Japanese.



I do hear rumor of a place near Mitsuwa that has private room karaoke. May be more convenient since a lot of people head that direction after the con.

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Hmm is this place accessible via the CTA train system? I'd be coming into ACen (year 4 baby!) from out of town and without a car, so I'd more than likely take a train to such an event.

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