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Just wanted to let everybody know that MineThon 4 will be going on this weekend. It's a 72 hr charity event helping raise money for AbleGamers. For those not familiar with the charity, Their goal is to help people with disabilities play video games. They do so by donating accessible peripherals to people with disabilities and working with developers to make games more accessible.


While I've been gone from the forums for quite some time, I'm sure we still have a number of awesome & amazing people around. I'll be attempting to contact the group in charge of the event & get a donation link on my Twitch channel. I plan to do some livestreaming from their server after work. AbleGamers goal is something that deeply touches me. Most of my life, my Mom work for United Cerebral Palsy. So I know a number of people affected by disabilities.


For those interested, MineThon's Website. You can donate here & from the looks of it watch their livestream as well during the event. You can also watch directly on MineThon's Twitch channel

Here's my Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/kitsunekrash. The easiest way to know when I'll be streaming would be checking Twitter @KitsuneKrash


The event starts July 25th at 6am EDT. Hope to see you guys on their server, it only requires a donation of $2.99 to get whitelisted.

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