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Tiny Dangerous

Attaching ears SOS!

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Hey all!


I'm going to be cosplaying a Vaporeon gijinka with a small group this year for the con, but I'm having a terrible time crafting a way to get my fins onto my head. I first considered using a headband, but it shows too much against the wig and won't work. I've also considered a method like this (

), but I fear that the weight of the ears will stretch the wefts of the wig out and ruin it. I've also considered the headband/copper wire method suggested in the video, but my ears are coated in a layer of worbla and gesso, so simply sticking a wire through them wouldn't be possible.


I'd appreciate any other ideas or suggestions! Thanks!

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Have you tried elastic?

I know some of the cat ears that you can buy have a thin elastic running through them to keep them in place but it is also fairly invisible. you can probably even get a white elastic and dye it to work.

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