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I'm selling off what little manga i have for a $70 gc from amazon or i can meet up in chicago. Everything is in good condition aside from love hina which has some light damage. im open to negotiation. PM me if interested.




Love Hina V: 1-14

D. Gray Man V:1-6

Claymore V:1-2

Death Note V:1-4

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles V:1-3

Special A V:1-2

Rosario+Vampire V:1

Hayate the combat Butler V:1-7

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Hellooo world!

I'm looking to buy a couple mangas....


Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney vol. 1


Wild Ones vol. 1-? (looking for the first few in the series, depending on price...)


PM me if you're wanting to sell! :D


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Need to get rid of manga. Each volume each is $5.00, all in great condition. I only accept Paypal. Shipping is an additional of $1.50 dollars per first book, .50 cents add on for second, third, so forth... Please PM me if you are interested in purchasing a manga.


Black Sun, Silver Moon volume 1

Blood+ volume 1

Code Geass volume 1

Dazzle volume 1

Gravitation volumes 2-12

Godchild volume 1

Hayate the Combat Butler volume 1

Man's Best Friend

Naruto volume 1

Pita-Ten volumes 1-8

Skyscrappers of Oz

Wolf's Rain volumes 1-2

Until the Full Moon volumes 1-2

Zombie-Loan volume 1


Non-manga items:


Naruto cosplay sandles black (small males) - $8.00 + $3.50 shipping

Naruto cosplay sandles blue (small males) - $8.00 $3.50 shipping

Tenchi Muyo soundtrack - $5.00 + $2.50 shipping

Vampire Knight cosplay tie pin (brand new) - $12.00 + $2.50 shipping

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Hello There! Here comes to all of you, an offer of which you CANNOT REFUSE! .....And here it is:

sells this product for over 100 dollars!..and their used prices start at 80! You looked at the rest, now buy from the best!


Also, Yu Yu Hakusho volumes 1-13 for $25 as well!!




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Japanese Ball Jointed Doll $145

Price: Was 230, Now lowered to $145 shipping included!

~~Shipping Included for US residents!~~

This is a DollZone Megi, adult owned.

She WILL be shipping with her box...

She IS Flawless!

Aside of the picture, she was kept in her box!

The price is low for a fast sale, there are things I need...

I don't have the time or patience to take care of her anymore

So I'd like to see her go some place where she'll get lots of attention!

She'll come with:

The wig pictured

The eyes pictured (Purple)

A Gothic Lolita Bible With Alice in Wonderland Fabric Transfers (The book still has it's patterns as well)

Her face mask, to protect her face.

Two Pillows that came inside of her Original Box.

Her Original Box!

If you want, you can reach me via AIM at Forevercurious13 or Yahoo! at BishiStalker for quick response!

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