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Call of Duty: Ghosts is out tonight at midnight

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Tonight at midnight I get to add Call of Duty: Ghosts to my resume of released video games. I want to know who all in the ACen community is a fan, I'd like to hear all about your experiences with the game! I wasn't a Call of Duty fan before working on this title, but having been QA and thus playing it quite a bit, my opinions have changed. So yeah, please let me know what you all think of it!


Also, are there usually Call of Duty events at ACen in the gaming room? It'd be great to swing in and see a bunch of players first hand!

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So I guess GB isn't getting paid off.


Coincidentally, the man who wrote that review was let go from his old job because he gave a negative, honest review of a game which the developer was giving kick-backs to his publication.


Video game journalism, everyone!

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