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An Old Challeneger Appears!

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Been away from the forums for a long while so I felt a reintroduction was in order.


I've started attending ACen around 2005, but haven't been able to afford coming for the last few years. I'm a cosplayer & photographer. My fave animes are Sakamichi no Appollon & Hajime no Ippo.


Not much has changed over the past few years, but I now have a gaming channel on youtube & am looking to start an anime podcast in January. At the moment my only planned series on youtube are a SMP Minecraft & Terraria. Hopefully in late Feb, I'll be starting a Let's Play of the new Thief. i'm also looking at a modded minecraft LP once the FtB launcher updates.


One of my goals with my youtube channel is to join a charity group called Fun For Freedom. It's a group that was formed by Mindcrack's MCGamer. It's a group of LPers & LiveStreamers that help raise money for charity. They have a rotating charity list & work with a different charity every month. For more info or to donate & help out a great cause please check out http://www.funforfreedom.com/


I'm about to start editing my first ep, so feel free to check out my youtube channel later today or tommorrow afternoon. KitsuneKrash Gaming


I can also be found on Facebook & Twitter.



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Welcome back!


Are you excited about the Starbound beta coming out in early 2014?



Oh the coincidence of my icon and the title of your thread...

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I've only looked a little at Starbound, been busy at work. Tho it definitely looks interesting. If I have the money I'll probably pick it up.


Another game I'm looking forward to for personal play is Stardew Valley. It remind me of Harvest Moon, but has a lot more involved in terms of farming. Certain animals are meant for long term similar to HM, but some are meant for getting your butchering knife out for quick profits. It's gotten greenlight on Steam, & should be released by summer 2014.


Also, definitely got a laugh out of that coincidence.


Well, I'm off to record a new ep1. Seems my recording software didn't get any of my end of the Skype conversation with my server, in fact it seemed to mute everything when I spoke. My own fault for not using audacity as a backup for recording my audio. Least it's not a major loss, anybody playing or watching minecraft has done the first day stuff a thousand times over by now. Nothing I can't cover with a quick tour of spawn.

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