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Large cosplay helpful ideas?

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Well one of my cosplays will be a character that is at least 6'5" or more. While I'm at the height of 4'9"

Either way I'm going to do this cosplay since no one has ever done it before plus I like the idea. I'm usually the one who does cosplays that haven't been done before or are at least rarely done.

This is the character that I want to do. Another picture


Some ideas for it is that my body is lower than what I have done with the head. Though there would be some problems. The arms, how would i be inside of the arms without coming from them on the sides. How would i keep the head from being droopy (already thought of an idea for that)

Plus just the height in general. Its at least half the size of a mecha in more animation terms would I try and add height the way they do it but how would the platforms (not the shoes but actually platforms that people use in mecha cosplays) or whatever i decide, blend in. Plus i would have to have a dress that is at least 2x the size of my body in height.

or should i just keep with the main idea of having it my size but possibly being it sourced around "chibi" or something of the sort.


I also do not completely know how to do the yellow parts of the body. Should I sew maybe cotton stuffed material onto whatever i use for the arms or should I paint and if i paint how would I make certain sections bulky. Plus I'm not very good with stencils.

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