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So.. anyone into Itasha?

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I've been into the whole 'car pasted with anime vinyls' fad for a while now. I personally only have cherry blossoms all over the rear of my car, no cool characters or anything. I had planned on a Persona3 Itasha.. and had plans all made up, but a buddy who was supposed to edit some pics to the proper size for printing flaked out on me, nice. So, still just holding off for now.

I know there's been a HOTD Supra that shows up to ACen.

Actually, this one!



And here's tonnns more



Anyone else run an Itasha, or planning on making one, or anything? There's not much for American Itasha out there, which is a bummer!


Here's my clunker, if anyone's interested:P It's got a severe lack of anime stickers, lol.


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Cool! Its good to see someone whos into Itasha in the U.S. :)

I lived in the sates for a long time, but ive never seen one...


There are bunch in Japan tho :thumbup:


If you have everything planned out, u can send me the pic.

I can edit it, and you can check out how it`ll look on ur car.


like these




We have just started this business recently, so we havent got any orders yet.

But there are so many Itasha makers in japan that are not shipping out to the states,

so here i am, "Itasha-design and purchase store".


we are about to make an ebay account, with paypal for easy transaction.

so hit me up if you want to see how it will look like :clap:


Best reguards.




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