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Aiddon Valentin

Guilty Gear Xrd

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Arc System Works recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as well as the 15th anniversary of Guilty Gear. As such, they announced a brand new entry in the Guilty Gear series titled Xrd: Sign. There are very few details aside from a trailer. The game will be using 3D models instead of sprites. Characters confirmed thus far are Sol, Ky, Millia, and Eddie.




P.S.: ASW also announced an anime adaptation of Blazblue due for broadcast this fall.

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Sorry if I'm necroing but the game has been out for a while and:


Valentine is confirmed.

Bedman a new character is in the game

Sin has been semi confirmed because he's apparently in an ending

Game is already out in arcades and this may or may not be the final roster for console version


footage of the new boss.



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